About Changes To Phrase Match And Broad Match Modifier

About Changes To Phrase Match And Broad Match Modifier

Here’s a rundown on the changes to phrase match and broad match modifier in Google Ads:

What Happened?

  • Google phased out broad match modifier (BMM) as a separate keyword match type in July 2021.
  • This means you can’t create new BMM keywords anymore.
  • Existing BMM keywords now function exactly like phrase match keywords.

Why the Change?

  • Google aimed to simplify keyword management and claimed the updated phrase match captured the benefits of BMM.
  • They believed both types served similar purposes and this change would make reaching target customers more efficient.

Impact on Your Campaigns

  • No immediate action was required for existing BMM keywords.
  • They automatically switched to the updated phrase match behavior.
  • You don’t need to create duplicate phrase match keywords for your old BMM ones.

What’s the Updated Phrase Match Like?

  • It considers synonyms, close variations, and related searches besides the exact order of your keywords.
  • This offers broader reach while maintaining some control over triggered searches.

Keep in mind:

  • Negative keywords are still crucial for fine-tuning which searches trigger your ads, even with the updated phrase match.
  • You can’t control the exact order of terms within the search query anymore, like you could with BMM.


  • The update streamlines keyword management but reduces granular control compared to BMM.
  • Carefully monitor campaign performance after the switch and leverage negative keywords to optimize ad targeting.

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