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Differences between Blog and WordPress

I would say that the differences between this blog and Word Press are not huge. Because now the blog is Google.

Word press is also related to Google. But the futures in this blogger are few and far between. Futures are more common in Word Press.

Let us now know the differences between the two.

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Blogger is a Google product. We can create a blog by logging into the blog with Gmail and password.

For us, this means customizing the futures. The templates for this blog are either plugins or we have little in the market.

If you have no idea how to use the Internet, you can follow the blog.

Because it is easy. And this blog is Google’s product because AdSense is fast approachable for you.

If you want AdSense to be so fast, you should choose Blogger.



In this word press we need to use a software. Install and activate.

If you have no knowledge of this then you should go to Blogger.

This word press is like a good ally to seo. It is easy to customize.

AdSense is more likely to become as fast as Blogger.

If you have no knowledge of hosting and software, you should choose Blogger.

If you want AdSense as soon as possible, you should choose Blogger. If you are new to this blog or WordPress, you should come to Word Press.

This is because you have more chances to customise it.

Also if you need any suggestions you can comment in the comment below.

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