Do you know the 10 Differences between Twitter and Threads?


The first difference: Meta, which introduced the Instagram app, has implemented the Threads app. Thus, those who have Bluetik on the Instagram page can use it on the Threads app as well. But you have to pay 8 dollars (Rs. 900 in Indian rupees) to get bluetik on Twitter.


2nd Difference: Users of “Threads” app must have an Instagram account. This allows users to use the bio on the Instagram page directly in the “Threads” function. In addition, if the people we follow on the Instagram page are in ‘Threads’, we have the facility to follow them with a single click.


3rd Difference: Veribyte users on Twitter can tweet using 25k characters and non-Veribyte users can tweet using 250 characters. But one using “Threads” can make posts in 500 characters. And like Twitter, Threads has yet to introduce a payment system. So everyone can make entries in 500 characters only.


4th Difference: People who don’t have an active Twitter account can only post videos of 2.20 minutes length. But active threads allow users to upload 5-minute videos


5th Difference: Twitter active homepage shows us trending details. But no such facility is currently introduced in threads. Thus we can know the trending topic just by ‘scrolling’.


6th difference: Twitter has the facility to save a particular post in a draft. But there is no such facility in “Threads” action. It is said that this facility may be introduced by Metra in the near future.


7th difference: Threads also have the facility to block someone from specific IDs like Instagram page. It’s in action on Twitter.

8th difference: Twitter has an advertising app. Ads appear between specific posts. But Threads doesn’t have active ad usage. This allows users to use the Threads app seamlessly.


9th difference: Twitter app is running privately. But Threads has been introduced in conjunction with the Instagram page. There is an important point behind this. This means that the feature is in place to drive Instagram users back to Threads.


10th difference: Connor Hayes, vice president of Threads app company Meta, says, “Threads are built on the Activitypub social networking protocol. “Unlike Instagram, these threads allow one to connect with people all over the world,” he said. It is worth noting that Twitter also has this facility.

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