All Universal Analytics services cease to function starting July 1, 2024

All Universal Analytics services cease to function starting July 1, 2024

Universal Analytics Sunset: Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Attention all website owners and marketers!

This is an important update regarding Google Analytics. As previously announced, Universal Analytics will be officially retired on July 1, 2024. This means all Universal Analytics services and APIs will be shut down, making your Universal Analytics properties inaccessible.

Haven’t migrated to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) yet? Don’t wait any longer! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Take action now: Follow the official migration guide to seamlessly switch to GA4 and avoid any disruption in your website analytics data.
  • Preserve your data: If you want to keep your historical Universal Analytics data, download or export it before July 1st. Google will permanently delete any unexported data. For Universal Analytics 360 users, consider using the BigQuery integration to export your data immediately. This option will also be unavailable after June 30th, 2024.
  • Prepare for integration impacts: Existing integrations using Universal Analytics data (e.g., advertising platforms, publisher tools) will be affected. This includes:
    • Conversion tracking: Universal Analytics goals and transactions will cease recording new data, potentially impacting ad campaign performance, especially those relying on Smart Bidding.
    • Audience targeting: Universal Analytics audience lists will be closed, hindering ad campaign targeting and effectiveness.
    • API access: API requests related to Universal Analytics, including data deletion, will fail. This also applies to tools like Looker Studio, which will no longer display Universal Analytics data.
    • BigQuery export: The ability to export historical data from Universal Analytics 360 properties to BigQuery will be discontinued after June 30th, 2024. Previously exported data will remain accessible.
  • Attribution Projects: Be aware that Attribution Projects (beta) within Google Analytics will be deleted.

The Future is GA4: Google Analytics 4 is the future of website analytics. By migrating now, you’ll ensure a smooth transition and benefit from the advanced features and capabilities of GA4.

Don’t delay! Take action today to migrate to GA4 and preserve your valuable website data.

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