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Bing May Now Use AI To Write Your Snippets With AI-Generated Captions


  • Bing is now using AI to write your snippets, using a feature called “AI-Generated Captions.”

How it works

  • Bing uses GPT-4 to generate captions for some of its search result snippets.
  • When you click on the arrow down by the title link in the search results, you can see which snippets are labeled with “AI-Generated Caption.”
  • Bing says that these captions are tailored to each unique search query and may generate different snippets for different queries.
  • The captions may not mirror the exact wording on the webpage, but Bing says that it uses a variety of signals and techniques to guarantee the quality and precision of the generated text search result with AIGenerated Captions

Benefits of AI-Generated Captions

  • AI-Generated Captions can help searchers quickly grasp the essence of each page’s content, making search results more relevant and informative.
  • They can also help users find the websites they are looking for more quickly.
  • Bing says that it is committed to providing accurate and high-quality information to its users, and it is working to improve the quality of its AI-Generated Captions over time.


  • AI-Generated Captions are a new feature that Bing is using to improve the quality of its search results.
  • They are still under development, but they have the potential to make search results more relevant and informative.
  • Bing is committed to providing its users with the best possible search experience.

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