Bing Search Page Insights Expandable Sections

Bing Search Page Insights Expandable Sections

Bing Search Page Insights:

Key Points:

  • Enhanced Page Insights Overlay: Bing has updated the Page Insights feature, which provides information about a website directly within search results.
  • Expandable and Collapsible Sections: Users can now expand or collapse specific sections within the Page Insights overlay to manage information density.
  • Improved Readability and Focus: This feature enhances user experience by allowing users to customize how much information they view at once.


  • Launch Timing: The expandable sections feature was first observed in late December 2023.
  • Default State: The sections typically default to expanded, but users can collapse them with a click.
  • Affected Page Insights Sections: The feature applies to various sections within Page Insights, potentially including:
    • Website description
    • Top links
    • Social media links
    • Related searches
    • Metadata (title, description, keywords)
    • Cached page
    • Similar pages


  • Customizable Information Density: Users can control how much information they see, reducing clutter and focusing on relevant details.
  • Improved Readability: Collapsing sections can make the Page Insights overlay less overwhelming and easier to scan.
  • Potential for Additional Information: The feature might allow Bing to include more insights without overwhelming users.

Overall, the expandable sections feature in Bing Search Page Insights offers a user-friendly way to manage information and potentially access more insights. It’s a welcome addition to Bing’s search experience.

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