Google Local Pack Tests Restaurant Price Ranges

Google Local Pack Tests Restaurant Price Ranges

The Local Pack is a section of Google’s search results that displays a map and some local business listings related to a specific search query, such as restaurants in a particular area.

Google has been testing a new feature within the Local Pack that includes restaurant price ranges. Typically, when users search for restaurants, they might want to know the approximate price range to gauge whether it fits their budget. With this test, Google aims to provide users with an easily accessible overview of the price ranges for restaurants shown in the Local Pack.

By including price ranges, Google aims to help users make more informed decisions about where to dine and filter their options based on their budget. This feature can save users time by displaying pricing information upfront and allowing them to quickly identify restaurants that align with their preferences.

It’s important to note that Google is continuously experimenting with different features and layouts, and not all users may see the restaurant price range test in their search results. Additionally, the availability of this feature may vary based on the location and specific search queries.

Overall, this test by Google is part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience by providing valuable and relevant information directly in the search results.

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