Google Local Panel Results Tests Toggle To Next Result

Google Local Panel Results Tests Toggle To Next Result

A feature Google is testing for their Local Panel Results. It’s a toggle button (or arrow on some reports) that allows users to easily switch between business listings in the local search results.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • What it is: Imagine you search for “restaurants near me” and Google shows a block with the top results (the Local Panel). This test adds a button to jump to the next listing in that block, instead of needing to scroll or click back to the main search results.
  • Why it matters: This could significantly improve the search experience, especially for mobile users. Finding the right business becomes faster and more efficient.
  • Current status: It’s still in the testing phase, so not everyone will see it.

If you’re interested in learning more about this feature, you can search for “Google Local Panel Results Testing Next Button” for some blogs and discussions on the topic.

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